Application procedure

Please read in full prior to making an application

If you are eligible to apply for an NERC grant, as the principal investigator, then you can apply to NERC LSMSF-B. For details about eligibility please refer to the NERC funding guide. Applicants should first contact a member of the Facility team to discuss the feasibility of their proposal; in some cases a pilot study comprising a few samples may be undertaken at the discretion of the Facility manager.

Applicants must complete and return an application form to be returned electronically and, in addition, a hardcopy with signed declaration (section 5) and data protocol declaration must also be returned by conventional mail. Failure to submit the required forms shall result in a void application. The scientific case for supporting each application is assessed by the NERC LSMSF steering committee at one of its biannual (May and November) meetings. There is a deadline for the submission of applications before each meeting; the current deadline may be found on the NERC LSMSF and NERC LSMSF (Bristol) homepages. Successful applicants are usually notified within two weeks of the steering committee meeting. Awards are given a monetary value and may be considered as a 'grant-in-kind' with analytical services being 'free-at-point-of-use'. The steering committee welcomes applications from any eligible UK-based researcher undertaking science the falls within the scientific remit of NERC. In the event that there is insufficient facility capacity NERC funded projects, fellows and students shall be given priority.

Applicants seeking analytical services as part of an NERC grant must contact the facility for a feasibility assessment prior to grant submission. In the event that the grant proposal is successful an application to the facility is still required.

In many cases samples require significant wet chemical pre-treatment prior to analysis. NERC LSMSF, can undertake such preparations in a service capacity but applicants should be aware that this can greatly increase the costs associated with an award. Applicants who have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to conduct the required extractions/wet-chemical separations/derivatisations are advised, where possible, to conduct this work at their host institution. A popular compromise between these two situations involves the applicant (or a nominated researcher) visiting NERC LSMSF-B and using local facilities whilst receiving training in the various laboratory techniques employed. Applicants opting for this route should be aware that such preparative work and training can take up to several weeks and that the Facility cannot cover the cost of travel, accomodation or subsistence.

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