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School Seminar Series

Tuesdays (during term time), 1 p.m., lecture theatre C42, Biomedical Sciences Building (unless otherwise stated)

Summer Term 2016

19th April 2016
Professor Kamil Kranc, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh (host: Abdel Essafi)
'Hypoxia signalling pathways in normal and leukaemic stem cell functions'

26th April 2016
Prof Julian Gough, Computational Genomics Group, Department of Computer Science, UoB (host: Ariel Blocker)
'Direct reprogramming of human cell types'

3rd May 2016
Dr David Williams, Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radboud University Nijmegen (host: Allison Blair)
'Tailoring the shape and structure of biodegradable nanoparticles for biomedical applications'

Thursday 19th May 2016, [lecture theatre C44, 1 p.m.]
Dr Morgan Beeby, Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London (host: Ariel Blocker)
'Diverse high-torque bacterial flagellar motors assemble wider stator rings using a conserved protein scaffold' 

24th May 2016
Professor Ranjeny Thomas, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (host: Lindsay Nicholson)
'Rheumatoid arthritis: From genes to precision medicine and antigen-specific immunotherapy'

CMM Annual 'Sir Anthony Epstein' Lecture

A prestigious annual lecture, The Sir Anthony Epstein lecture was inaugurated at the University of Bristol in 2009 to recognise the achievements of outstanding scientists in the fields of cancer biology, infection and immunology. It celebrates the achievements of Sir Anthony Epstein who was Professor of Pathology at Bristol University (1968-85) and one of the discoverers of the Epstein-Barr virus

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