2010 Seminars

14 April: Professor Sander Greenland of UCLA - "Meaninglessly small P-values: A new statistical plague?"  This seminar will take place at 4pm in the Medical Sciences lecture theatre E29, University Walk. 

10 June: Professor Tim Cole, UCL Institute of Child Health - 'SITAR - a useful instrument for growth curve analysis'.PDF(4.3 MB)

8 July: Dr David Shoham, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands - 'Childhood Obesity: It's Complex!' 

22 July: Dr Sarah Garnett, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, Australia - 'Secular trends in the waist to height ratio in Australian young people'.

23 August: Dr Robert Scragg, University of Auckland, New Zealand - 'Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease - the contribution to epidemiology'.

2 September: Professor Marc Schuckit, Department of Psychology, University of California, San Diego - 'Models of risk for alcohol problems in the ALSPAC population'.

21 September: Professor Jorn-Steffan Pischke, London School of Economics - 'Grouped data and two sample IV'.

3 November: Dr Niels Rosenquist of Harvard University - 'Using genes as instrumental variables in analyses of social network data'.

19 November:  Ms Evropi Theodoratou and Ms Lina Zgaga, University of Edinburgh - 'A Mendelian Randomised study of vitamin D on colorectal cancer risk'.