Tragedy Research Cluster: First Meeting

12 December 2017, 3.00 PM - 29 November 2017, 4.30 PM

Link Room 1

We are pleased to announce that the first meeting of the new ‘Tragedy’ cluster will take place on Tuesday 12th December from 3-4.30pm in Link Room 1, Arts Complex, Woodland Road; refreshments will be provided. 

This meeting will be an introduction to the cluster, its aims, and plans for 2018, as well as a networking event for members to get to know each other. It is intended as an opportunity for us to start to see ways in which our diverse research interests in tragedy are overlapping or complementary, and to develop routes for future conversation and collaboration.

To ground our introductory meeting we will explore tragedy through the theme of ‘the fragment’. We (Emma and Lyndsay) will introduce our own work in this area - the criticism of ancient Greek tragic fragments (LC), and their reception and adaptation in modern performance (EC) - and offer this as a test-case for how the cluster aims to foster cross-disciplinary dialogue. This will be followed by discussion.

In preparation we ask attendees to think about how they (or their discipline) navigate the following:

  • Fragmentary (or lost, partial, incomplete…) tragic texts
  • Fragmentary knowledge (of performance conditions, authorship…)
  • Fragmented audience reception (how the mind processes fragmentary information in tragic performance, how audience experience can be understood as fragmented…)

Please RSVP by 1 December to / if you’re intending to come, so that we can arrange catering; and do forward this to any other colleagues and PhD students who might be interested.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to be added to the cluster mailing list please let us know.

Contact information

Emma Cole and Lyndsay Coo

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