Message from Professor Karla Pollmann, Dean of Arts

The Arts and Humanities are relevant and of great value to society. Their domain is the cultural capital of societies.

They comprise, depending on institution, a wide range of subjects. In Bristol these are: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Classics, English, Film and TV, History, Modern Languages, Music, Philosophy, Religion and Theology, Theatre.

All these subjects critically analyse different aspects of the cultural capital of a society, creatively add to it, and compare it to other cultures. Their findings and contributions cannot be replaced by the Social and the Natural Sciences. But there is overlap and an enormous potential in interdisciplinary cooperation which at Bristol has an institutional basis in various innovative Research Institutes and Centres.

The distinct and unique contribution of the Arts and Humanities consists in providing students with a high degree of self-reflexivity, a sense of perspective and purpose, and their holistic formation as a human being. Thus, the Arts and Humanities are indispensable for the University’s mission to educate independent learners and global citizens.

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Professor Karla Pollmann, Dean of Arts
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