Organise an event

Alumni in great hall - reunion lunch

Would you like to organise an event to get your class mates back together? Our Events team are happy to help guide and advise you on any aspect of your event, from advertising and bookings, to promoting your events via email and social media.

You'll find a few ideas to help you get started here, but please feel free to get in touch via email ( or telephone (0117 394 1049) if you have any questions.

If organising a larger event for other alumni, please refer to our blog.

Getting started

If you're already in touch with other alumni, sound out your ideas with them first to gauge potential interest in your event.

Then, you might find it helpful to consider the following:

  • Who would you like to invite? Alumni from a particular year group, course, club, society or hall of residence?
  • What sort of event would you like to organise? A lunch, dinner, or an informal meeting in a pub?
  • Do you want to include partners and families?
  • Would you like to meet in Bristol or elsewhere? (You could combine your reunion with a city-wide event, or a local festival – have a look at the Visit Bristol website to see what’s happening in Bristol).
  • Once you've decided on a location, where will you hold the event? The University has conference facilities that you may be able to hire if needed.
  • How are you going to fund the event? Are you going to charge for tickets?
  • Will it be a one-off event or do you hope to put on other events if it goes well?
  • Are you happy for your contact details to be published online so alumni can get in touch?
  • How will you manage your guest list? Eventbrite is a free online service that can help you promote your event, manage tickets and organise guest lists.
  • Will your guests need accommodation? The University may be able to offer accommodation for some of your guests. We can also help you find other suitable local options as needed. 

Once you're ready to set up your event, please complete our event submission form so we can help support you, and publicise your event to other alumni.


We’d love to hear how your event went so we can let other alumni know what’s going on in their area:

  • send us a report (about 300 words) and photographs so we can celebrate your event and share its success on Nonesuch online (please remember to make sure the alumni in your photographs are happy to be featured);
  • make sure to share the attendance list and any alumni updates with us so that we can keep the database current.