Tackle environmental uncertainty

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Research at Bristol’s Cabot Institute is helping us better understand not only how our planet is changing, but also how plants, animals and humans are responding to those changes. And gifts like yours are helping early-career scientists pilot innovative ideas that could go on to have far-reaching impact.

Some, like PhD student Peter, are using drones to collect much-needed data in areas affected by volcanoes, flooding or nuclear radiation. Others are exploring how the perceived risk of infectious disease has an impact on communities in rural Africa, or how using pesticides can affect some of our most important pollinating insects: wild bees.

From the wildflower meadows of south-west England to the remote villages of Cameroon, you’re helping us tackle one of the biggest challenges we, as humans, face: how to deal with environmental uncertainty. You’re helping develop predictive tools and models to visualise possible futures.

You’re helping engineer solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. And you’re helping build a body of scientific knowledge that will give governments and industry the information they need to take action – before it’s too late.

Thank you.

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