Supporting student talent

bristol student experience

Supporting students is an investment in the future - the future of our University, and the future of the businesses, communities and societies they'll go on to influence and lead.

Yet many students are still put off from applying to university because of social barriers or financial demands.

Gifts like yours can help break down financial and social barriers for gifted students, by supporting undergraduate and postgraduate bursaries, as well as a hardship fund for students to draw on in times of need.

You'll also help students excel while they're here, by ensuring that the University’s magnificent historical buildings are fit for the future, and by helping to build modern, comfortable study spaces in which they can learn, explore, challenge and discover. 

Through the Alumni Foundation, your gifts will also support student societies, sports clubs and independent projects, and travel grants for students presenting their research at conferences, both in the UK or overseas.

Make a gift today so future generations of students can have as rich and rewarding an experience at Bristol as you did