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Futures Scholarships

A Futures Scholarship is so much more than money. For a talented student who is struggling financially, it is a lifeline that changes everything.

The Futures Scholarship is a new initiative that awards talented students in financial need a total of £4,500. This encompasses £2,000 of funding to help with essentials in their first year and will enable them to make the most of University life. A further £2,500 is ring-fenced for use towards an internship, placement or other employability-focused activity later in their time at Bristol.

Students will also receive guidance and career support from our dedicated coordinator. This will ensure they are offered the opportunity to take part in the wide range of programmes which can build confidence and networking skills.

This is an exciting new way to give bright students from low income households and disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to gain experience that will help them on their career journey and place them on an equal footing with their peers.


A scholarship is the freedom to focus on studies

All too often, students from disadvantaged backgrounds find the cost of university too much to manage. Many come from homes with a household income below £25,000. If they are even able to accept their place, they find the financial burden of fees, food, travel and living costs adds up quickly, leaving them anxious and stressed.

Many are forced to work long hours just to make ends meet. They have no choice but to prioritise income over study and as a result, they can fall behind and struggle to pass exams.

A scholarship gives students freedom from financial uncertainty. It provides them with the option to choose a job that fits around precious study time and makes it possible to succeed.

I feel supported and included coming from a low-income background and I feel

equal to all my peers.

A scholarship is the chance to grow in skill and experience

The Futures Scholarship is special because students have access to £2,500 later in their studies to put towards furthering their employability in their chosen career.

In such a competitive employment market, we know that internships and placements provide real-world experience and this can make all the difference. A Futures Scholarship can enable students to take up a career-enhancing placement by funding temporary accommodation and other living costs in a different city, or even another country.

Ultimately, it will give them the opportunity to choose. They can apply to the very best internship programmes, safe in the knowledge they are improving their career options, without the risk of increasing their financial burden.

Finding out I was going to be a recipient of this scholarship was such an incredible relief, especially coming from a background of being in the care system. It’s allowed me to be much more comfortable settling into Bristol at such an important stage of my life.

Knowing Bristol alumni and friends are cheering for them

Beyond financial support, a Futures Scholarship tells a student they are embraced by the Bristol community who recognise their potential and the important role they will play in our world’s future.

Students tell us that receiving a scholarship has given them greater confidence and they are proud of this recognition. Knowing that a group of people want them to take up their place at Bristol and are cheering them on helps to remove a sense of ‘imposter syndrome’ that some students from more disadvantaged backgrounds encounter.

Thank you so much for your donations – I am the first member of my family to attend university and I would not have been able to get here without a scholarship. 

With your help we can say yes to even more of these bright and determined individuals

The more alumni and friends like you who support this programme with a gift, the more Futures Scholars there will be. Make a gift online now.