Mending broken hearts

advance medical research

From supporting high-calibre researchers to funding specialist equipment, donations like yours are helping Bristol CardioVascular revolutionise the way we diagnose and treat heart conditions.

Bristol CardioVascular is one of the top academic cardiac surgery units in the UK for heart research. 

Since 2008, the team has undertaken more than ten ‘first-in-man’ trials in cardiac surgery and cardiology and, last December, 80 per cent of their research was rated world-leading and internationally excellent in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

Together, they’re developing new medicines and treatments to help thousands of people affected by cardiovascular disease by:

  • running the world’s first clinical trial to see whether stem cells can help repair the heart during bypass surgery;
  • working on early diagnosis techniques for angina, heart attacks and strokes;
  • exploring whether stem cells can help restore heart function after a heart attack;
  • testing a new medication that could help more than a billion people around the world affected by high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • investigating the fundamental changes that occur during disease to target key areas to tackle with new therapies.

Generous support from a range of individual donors and charitable trusts has been instrumental in supporting Bristol to become one of the leading centres for cardiovascular research. These include the British Heart Foundation, Medical Research Council, The Mahoro Charitable Trust, Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust, Enid Linder Foundation, and the Garfield Weston Trust. On behalf of all the patients and families who will benefit from this research, thank you.

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