Children of the 90s fathers make an extremely valuable contribution to our research. 

If you are a Children of the 90s father, this is a great opportunity for you to take a more active role in one of the world's most important long-term health research projects. Over 3,000 fathers have enrolled into the study in their own right but we would like every dad to take part! Your son or daughter may have been taking part in the Children of the 90s since the early 90s. Some have been more involved than others. It doesn't matter how much or how little involvement your child has had in the study, we would still like you to take part.

How to enrol

If you would like to take part in Children of the 90s, please email us at info@childrenofthe90s.ac.uk. You can read more about the study and what's involved by downloading the information leaflet on the right hand side. 

Frequently asked questions

My family love being part of Children of the 90s - any chance to come down they will do. My partner is also part of the study and we have a little one who is in COCO90s - and another one on the way. I hope my children will enjoy it just as much as we do.

Sean, participant and COCO90s father

Did you know?

We have a letter you can give to your employer – they may allow you time off work to attend your @30 clinic.

Our information leaflet has lots more information about what's involved and the reasons why we do these tests. 

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