Senior Residents

Over the Summer of 2018 the University will be introducing changes to the way we support students living in our residences. Residential Life Teams will be integral to a University wide model of pastoral care. This leaflet (PDF, 3.8MB) gives further details of how the model will work.

As a Chief or Senior Resident you will be able to help build and maintain happy and successful communities in our residences, which can be hugely rewarding. You will receive ongoing, high quality training throughout the year as well as opportunities for personal development and the chance to pursue and develop your own interests as part of our community activities.

Why apply?

You will gain skills and experience in a wide range of activities including event planning, project management, budgeting, leadership and advice and support. You will be joining a team of senior residents and residential life staff offering you support and friendship. Senior residents will be paid for 12 hours per week, which allows for around two 5-hour duty shifts, on a rolling rota basis, plus time for meetings, events and adhoc student queries, and equates to a salary of over £450 pcm. Chief residents will be paid for 15 hours per week. 

As a Senior Resident you won’t need to worry about finding accommodation as you will be living in University allocated accommodation and you won’t need to worry about bills because they will be included in your accommodation fee. You will have something to put on your CV that will help you stand out from the other applicants when it comes to finding employment or pursuing further academic studies.

As a person who is passionate about socialising, exploring diverse cultures and deeply cares for others I believe this role has fulfilled my passion.

Senior Resident (Orchard Heights 17/18)

How do I apply

Applications for Senior and Chief Residents for 18/19 have now closed.

In the past year as a senior resident at Hiatt Baker I have learnt so much.

Senior Resident (Hiatt Baker 17/18)

Student wardens in A2Dominion residences

A2Dominion Housing Group manages two residences in partnership with the University of Bristol. Deans Court in the City Centre and Woodland Court on Belgrave Road, close to the University campus. A2Dominion student wardens form an integral part of the service provided to students by A2Dominion and work closely with the on-site staff team.

In return student wardens receive a 50% rent reduction plus full training and support from A2Dominion in carrying out their duties. Further information and details of how to apply for vacancies for the 18/19 academic year can be found on the A2Dominion website

I appreciate all the training opportunities that arise from being a senior resident.

Senior Resident (Northwell House 17/18)

Student support in residences

Find out more about the revised model for Student Support in our residences on our student wellbeing pages. 

A senior resident delivers an engineering revision workshop. Image credit: Julio Hermosilla

The role for me is an opportunity to make a difference.

Senior Resident (Badock Hall 17/18)
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