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University of Bristol buildings fire safety information

28 June 2017

We can confirm that we do not have any properties with the same brand of external cladding or that use the same materials that were present at Grenfell Tower, nor do we own any buildings of a comparable construction.

As a precautionary measure, our surveyors have reviewed specific University buildings which do have external cladding. They comply with the relevant Building Regulations and Standards applicable at the time of installation.

The materials used successfully passed the test criteria for their situation, location and the circumstances they are used in.

University owned buildings and University allocated accommodation are regularly inspected by fire risk assessors.

All life safety systems, including fire alarms are maintained and tested to ensure continued compliance.

All fire alarm systems are monitored 24/7 by Security or residences' teams.

Evacuation drills are carried out termly to ensure all occupiers are familiar with the emergency procedures.

Checks and audits of our processes to manage fire safety are regularly carried out and we work very closely with Avon Fire and Rescue who inspect and audit our residential properties.

We are currently working closely with our partner providers of student accommodation in the city to confirm assurance with regard to any cladding utilised on their buildings.

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